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HMRC is collecting more VAT…

The latest figures from HMRC show that more VAT is being collected during VAT inspections. What does this mean for businesses like yours? More...


The VAT consequences of selling through agents

When you sell your goods through an agent there are different VAT consequences than if you sell them directly as a principal. What are these differences and how might they affect you? More...


When is VAT due on imports?

You probably know that when you bring goods into the UK from outside of the EU VAT is due on the importation. But how is this paid and is it possible to secure any savings? More...


When you opt to tax a property, what’s covered?

When businesses opt to tax a property there’s often confusion as to what exactly is covered by the option and how far it extends. As it’s important to get this right, what’s the position in reality? More...


The need for a business purpose

When you purchase goods or services, you’ll normally pay input VAT. To be able to recover this tax there must be a clear business purpose behind the purchase. But what does this really mean? More...


What are HMRC’s inspection powers?

Every business dreads a visit from HMRC. But if it does come calling what powers does an officer have to examine your records and can they download your computer records? More...


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