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D&B VAT problems?

The VATman is trying to sneak in a change to the liability of design and build contracts in a new VAT notice. What’s to know? More...


Option to tax risks

You own a commercial property and have opted to tax it. When you come to sell, the purchaser says your option is disapplied and you have to pay the VAT back on the purchase price. What’s going on? More...


Selling to EU individuals - VAT?

If you sell goods by mail order or over the Internet to private individuals in other EU member states, you may be required to register for VAT in those other countries. What’s to know? More...


What goes on the invoice?

In order to reclaim VAT you need to have sufficient evidence to satisfy the VATman that the expenditure was incurred for the business. But exactly what evidence is required? More...


Deferring import VAT and duty

If your business purchases goods from suppliers outside the EU, you will have to pay taxes on imports, possibly for the first time. There are ways of deferring payment and simplifying administration. What’s involved? More...


What’s the story with vouchers?

If you issue or accept money-off coupons, gift vouchers, phone cards or top-up vouchers, it can affect the value of your supply and the amount of VAT due. What do you need to be aware of? More...


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