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Penalty miss

New figures show that over half the penalties issued by the VATman are withdrawn on review. Could there be an opportunity for you here? More...


What does and doesn’t go on the VAT return?

One of the most commonly asked questions by businesses is what actually goes on the VAT return and what can be left off. Here’s our guide to helping ensure that you get the task right. More...


Dealing with an unwelcome visitor

It’s always a worrying time for a business when the VATman comes to call, even if you’ve had plenty of notice. So what’s the best way to deal with him and how much power does he really have? More...


Making use of other taxes

It may not be fair but you can’t always recover all the VAT on your costs. But there are ways of offsetting these costs against other taxes - so what do you need to do? More...


VAT refund on samples

Following a European decision last year, VAT law on samples is being amended to help businesses. The change won’t be made until the summer but the VATman says you can take advantage of it now. What should you be doing? More...


Saving penalties

When you send in a late VAT return you could find yourself subject to one of the VATman’s famous penalties. What tactics, if any, can you employ to get the VATman ruled offside? More...


Cases roundup


Latest from the VATman - Budget 2011

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