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Digital by default

The government has decided to go digital for all its tax services. As a result, the VATman is going online for registration. What are the implications? More...


The new house that won’t sell

You’ve heard about a construction firm that’s just built a small estate of ten houses but only sold three. It intends to rent out the rest until the economy improves. Will this affect the VAT reclaimed? More...


Standard method giving unfair result? Go special

Your business has started to receive a lot of exempt income but not much of your overheads relate to it. The standard method results in a large amount of input VAT being withheld, which you don’t think is fair - what can you do about it? More...


Escaping the VAT flat-rate scheme isn’t easy

In a recent tribunal case a taxpayer lost in his attempt to retrospectively leave the flat-rate scheme after he found that it was costing him more VAT than under the normal rules. What’s the full story? More...


Is your company acting as a VAT agent or principal?

In a recent case the court considered whether a company that contracted out some of its work should charge VAT on those services as if they had provided them itself. The issue could have widespread consequences. What’s the full story? More...


Accounting for VAT on factored debts

In the current economic climate many businesses are factoring their debts. However, the type of agreement you have with the factor is important for VAT, in particular your ability to claim back VAT on bad debts. What do you need to remember? More...


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