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Time to trust the VATman?

The VATman is issuing new “toolkits” to help businesses eliminate common errors on VAT returns. Can you trust them? More...


Challenging the VATman

As a result of a recent visit, the VATman has issued an assessment that you strongly disagree with. Is it worth challenging it and, if so, what is it likely to cost? More...


How far back can you go?

Your business has just discovered that it has not claimed back some VAT on the purchase of a van it bought just over three years ago. It’s quite a tidy sum but will the VATman let you claim it back now? More...


Making partial exemption work

Your business makes both taxable and exempt supplies (which means that technically, it’s partially exempt). What does this mean in terms of VAT recovery and how do you calculate what’s due? More...


A New Year gift from the VATman?

Christmas has just gone and you’re celebrating the start of 2011 by completing your VAT return. You gave your best clients a seasonal gift and are wondering whether you can claim the VAT back. Is it good news or bad? More...


Get more VAT back when “buying” a car

Your business leases its vehicles. For a variety of reasons you want to terminate the lease early and buy the cars from the leasing company. How much VAT can you recover? More...


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