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20% rate anti-avoidance rules

To prevent you from ordering goods before January 4 and getting them at the lower rate, the VATman has anti-avoidance rules. Can you beat them? More...


Whose VAT bill is it anyway?

From time to time you may be faced with having to pay a bill for your company out of your own pocket. The invoice or receipt you’re given is likely to be in your name. Will your business be entitled to reclaim the VAT? More...


How to obtain cash flow savings from the VATman

Every three months you have to pay over your VAT to HMRC, but are you paying it sooner than you have to? There are ways you can improve your cash flow by reducing the VAT you pay; here are a few of them. More...


Reclaiming VAT on pre-registration costs

You’ve just started a new business and in so doing incurred quite a bit of VAT on the set-up costs before you registered for VAT. Can you reclaim this VAT and if so, what’s involved? More...


Mobile phone charges?

Your business is considering buying several mobile phones for staff use. As there are so many packages available with different ways of charging, what’s the best option from a VAT perspective? More...


Option to tax commercial land and buildings

Opting to tax can reduce VAT costs for property developers, landlords, and owners. But it’s not all plain sailing. We’ve highlighted two of the common traps that businesses fall into and how you can escape them. More...


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