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HMRC confirms “no-deal” plans

The UK is less than six months from leaving the EU, and the future relationship is still unclear. What do HMRC’s newly published “no-deal” plans mean for your VAT accounting? More...


Finance Bill extends group treatment


End of default surcharge regime

The draft Finance Bill 2018/19 contains proposals to scrap the complicated default surcharge regime for late payment of VAT. What is being proposed instead? More...


E-books to be zero or reduced-rated

A breakthrough on a long-standing issue about the appropriate VAT rate for e-books means that these materials should be reduced or zero-rated soon. What could this mean for your business going forward? More...


VAT reporting pilot to go public

April 2018 saw the start of a small scale Making Tax Digital for VAT pilot, giving firms a chance to test how the system will work when it becomes mandatory in April 2019. Can you join up? More...


New legislation to introduce charge

HMRC will introduce a new reverse charge on labour related to construction services which will affect all businesses in the sector. How will this apply and will it affect the rate that you charge your customers? More...


Payment for a contract or a grant?

If you receive funding you will need to ascertain whether the payments are for a taxable supply of services or a grant which is outside the scope of VAT. How is HMRC now helping with this? More...


A £300k penalty for being one day late

A company has been hit with a very harsh penalty the first time it paid late - by one day. How did this happen, and can you avoid surcharges by paying on time? More...


New disclosure regime starts

From 1 January 2018 you could be required to tell HMRC if you enter into arrangements which lead to a VAT saving. How can you get an indication of whether something you have done is disclosable? More...


Registration threshold frozen

After much speculation, the VAT registration was not lowered in the autumn 2017 Budget, but instead frozen for “at least” two years. Whilst this seems good news, why could it still lead to problems? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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