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Insolvency and VAT groups

If a number of businesses are under common ownership, a group structure can exist. What liability do members of a VAT group have if the group becomes insolvent and owes money to HMRC? More...


VAT and LPA receivers

Confusion has surrounded the obligations of Law of Property Act (LPA) receivers when dealing with a borrower’s VAT position. What can they claim and what do they have to pay over to HMRC? More...


What can HMRC recover if you become insolvent?

If, in spite of your best efforts, your business finally becomes insolvent what are your rights and in what circumstances can HMRC recover VAT? Plus, what is HMRC’s status? More...


Company struck off - VAT due?

Sometimes a company is dissolved or struck off and subsequently you discover that a VAT refund is due to your business. Can you get the VAT back and, if so, how? More...


The VAT position on insolvency

Business insolvencies are a sad fact of life but during such a period you still have responsibility for VAT. But who deals with this and picks up the pieces if things go wrong? More...
Last updated: 10.07.2020

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