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Is it a donation or sponsorship, or both?

HMRC has recently updated its guidance about when a payment to a charity could comprise two different elements, with different VAT outcomes for each part. What opportunities does this create for both charities and sponsors? More...


Fundraising exemption - can non-charities benefit too?

You may be aware that income from fundraising events organised by charities qualifies for a VAT exemption. But it also applies to other organisations as well. Could your organisation benefit from this opportunity? More...


Does your charity have to register for VAT?

Charities are covered by the same VAT registration rules as normal businesses, so you might have to register for VAT, but what income counts towards the VAT registration threshold? More...


What’s the liability of donations and fundraising?

If you’re a charity or non-profit-making body you will have many different income streams, including donations and cash from fundraising events. But what are the VAT consequences? More...
Last updated: 05.12.2019

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