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Lost invoices: a solution to the VAT problem?

You have lost the last three months of your purchase invoices following a fire at your office. You are about to complete your quarterly VAT return. What options are available to ensure you don’t miss out on reclaiming input tax? More...


Formal requirements for VAT records

Once registered for VAT, HMRC expects you to maintain a good standard of business records. What standard do you need to meet and how long do you need to keep records for? More...


What are the advantages of self-billing?

Self-billing enables the customer to produce the sales invoice on behalf of the supplier. This can have advantages for both parties. What are they, and do you need to obtain approval from HMRC to operate this system? More...


Can the VATman tell you what records to keep?

If the VATman thinks your record keeping is poor he can direct you to keep exactly what he wants, but how likely is this to happen and what does he have to make you do? More...


What records does the VATman expect you to keep?

As you have to maintain records on everything these days, what does the VATman expect you to keep and for how long? And what concessions are available on storage methods and shorter retention times? More...
Last updated: 04.06.2020

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