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Taxi business was acting as principal and not agent.


How acting as an agent can save VAT

If your business deals in second-hand goods, you can look at using one of the margin schemes to limit VAT to your profit. However, the required paperwork can be tiresome so how can you mirror the efficiency without all the administration? More...


Accounting for VAT when selling online

Many small businesses sell goods online through the likes of Amazon and e-Bay but what the seller actually receives for the goods is often less than the selling price - so how do you get it right? More...


Acting for an overseas business

Accountants and other professional advisors are often asked to act on behalf of overseas businesses. If that includes you, what are the VAT pitfalls to be avoided and should you act as “representative” or “agent”? More...


The VAT consequences of selling through agents

When you sell your goods through an agent there are different VAT consequences than if you sell them directly as a principal. What are these differences and how might they affect you? More...
Last updated: 04.06.2020

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