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Individuals can now join VAT groups

The law was changed on 1 November 2019 so that non-corporate businesses can now belong to VAT groups. What advantages can be gained from doing so, and what potential drawback do you need to be aware of? More...


Do anti-avoidance provisions apply to your VAT saving?

Your accountant recently advised you to form a VAT group in order to enjoy savings, and you duly did so. However, you have now read about HMRC using its anti-avoidance powers to counter tax savings with groups. Should you worry? More...


Finance Bill extends group treatment


Avoiding liability when eligibility expires

The company you own has been a member of a VAT group for some time, but you are looking to sell some of your shares in it which will lead to a change of overall control. How could this cause hidden problems? More...
Last updated: 13.12.2019

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