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Do we charge VAT for work carried out on a church?


Claim VAT on a new house build?


How does planning permission affect zero-rating?

It is often assumed that zero-rating will apply to any new residential building project, but this is not always the case. If you are a builder or developer, how can you avoid falling into a potentially very serious trap? More...


What building services can be reduced or zero-rated?

The VAT liability of construction services can be a minefield - the VAT rate is affected by the type of work being done. How do you ensure you don’t miss out on applying the reduced or zero rate? More...


Building projects subject to more than one VAT rate

Building developments can often be subject to different rates of VAT for the same project. This can make invoicing messy and time consuming - is there a way of simplifying the process? More...


VAT on residential construction

There are special rules regarding the recovery of VAT on costs related to the construction of a residential house. What are those rules and what can’t you recover VAT on? More...


Servbet Ltd v Revenue & Customs [2015] UKFTT 130 (TC). Overclaimed VAT.


Zero rating a care home extension

If you are extending a residential home you would normally be charged standard-rate VAT on the construction work. But are there legitimate ways to have the work zero-rated? More...


Can’t sell a new house? What about the VAT?

Even though the market is supposedly booming again, what if you build a house that you can’t sell or that you intend to rent out? Can you reclaim the VAT on all those construction materials? More...
Last updated: 04.06.2020

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