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What’s the VAT position on hire cars with private use?

Your business might occasionally need to hire cars, perhaps if a company car is being repaired or you have a new employee. Is there a VAT problem if you or your employee also use the car for private trips? More...


Do we charge VAT when we sell taxis?


Converting a commercial vehicle: a VAT problem?

Your business purchased a commercial vehicle for £60,000 plus VAT and claimed input tax on the purchase. You’re now spending £3,000 plus VAT to add rear seats and windows to the vehicle. Does this create issues? More...


Reclaiming VAT on business cars

If you purchase a car for your business, you can only reclaim the VAT if you meet tough conditions. For small businesses, the challenge can often be proving that these have been met. How can you ensure that you don’t miss out? More...


Buying or selling a commercial vehicle

What is the default VAT position when your business buys a new commercial vehicle and are there alternative VAT treatments that you can take advantage of where it is second hand? More...


Leasing and hiring cars

If you lease or hire cars for use by employees in your business, there will be associated expenses. How much input VAT can you reclaim on the charges and running costs? More...


Going electric? The tax breaks

The government encourages the use of electric and hybrid cars through the use of tax breaks. But what concessions does the VATman actually allow and what are some of the common misconceptions? More...


Claim the VAT on commercial vehicles

You probably know that the rules on recovering the VAT on cars are notoriously complicated. But you’d always assumed they are much simpler when it comes to commercial vehicles. Are they? More...


VAT back on electric cars?

You’ve heard that with all these new electric cars on the market there are special rules that allow the recovery of VAT on their purchase. In a quest to go green has the VATman really gone soft? More...


Recover VAT on a car purchase?

As cars cost a great deal of money to buy, recovering the VAT would be highly desirable. The VATman allows it but only when the car has 100% business use. How do you prove this? More...
Last updated: 03.04.2020

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