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HMRC software provides key evidence

Most elections for VAT purposes are subject to a time limit. What does a recent case involving a “late” option to tax show is important when it comes to providing evidence of the reason? More...


How can you reclaim VAT on foreign purchases?

If you don’t usually buy goods from abroad, you are probably unaware of how to go about reclaiming VAT you incur on those purchases. So how do you ensure you aren’t missing out on recovery? More...


New guidance for holding companies

VAT costs incurred by a holding company on the acquisition of shares have always been restricted by HMRC - but how has a European case made things easier? More...


When to claim back input VAT

Like most businesses, yours incurs a sizeable amount of input VAT. Normally you don’t have any problems reclaiming it. But what happens if you fail to claim it on time? What are the rules? More...


Latest HMRC attack on input tax recovery

It’s always been understood that to recover input tax the costs have to be incurred for a business purpose. But HMRC seems to be trying to narrow the definition of a business purpose. What’s the latest? More...


The need for a business purpose

When you purchase goods or services, you’ll normally pay input VAT. To be able to recover this tax there must be a clear business purpose behind the purchase. But what does this really mean? More...


How long to assess the business?

If your business is subject to an assessment, how long does the VATman have to carry it out? In fact, the rules are complicated and sometimes he gets them wrong. So what do you need to know? More...


Reddrock Ltd v HMRC [2014] UKUT 61 (TCC). Disallowed input claims


How to reclaim VAT you haven’t paid

If you make a refund to a customer, you can usually reclaim the corresponding VAT you accounted for on the original sale but not in every case. When are you not allowed to do this and how are the rules changing? More...


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