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When should you issue an invoice?

In what circumstances does your business have to issue an invoice, and how long does it have to do so? Are there any planning opportunities in respect of timing? More...


Dealing with incorrectly addressed VAT invoices

Most suppliers will correctly address invoices to your business - required for a valid VAT invoice - but can you still reclaim input tax when the invoice is not in your business’s name? More...


The dos and don’ts of claiming input VAT

Just having an invoice isn’t always enough to guarantee that your input VAT claim will be successful. So what else do you need to prove your claim to the VATman’s satisfaction? More...


Cases roundup


Always need an invoice?

You’ve always believed that to claim back the VAT on a purchase you need to have a valid VAT invoice. But is that strictly true? Or will the VATman allow a claim without one? More...


What goes on the invoice?

In order to reclaim VAT you need to have sufficient evidence to satisfy the VATman that the expenditure was incurred for the business. But exactly what evidence is required? More...
Last updated: 11.11.2019

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