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Dealing with part payments and barter transactions

What happens if your business receives part payments or payments in kind when it uses cash accounting? And what if the supplies are chargeable at different VAT rates? More...


Leaving cash accounting?

It’s widely accepted that the cash accounting scheme is good for small businesses. However, there are pitfalls to be wary of when leaving the scheme because turnover exceeds the limits. How can you play it safe? More...


Improving your cash flow

You’ve heard that the cash accounting scheme allows you to account for VAT when you get paid rather than when you issue an invoice. How does it work and how do you join? More...


How to obtain cash flow savings from the VATman

Every three months you have to pay over your VAT to HMRC, but are you paying it sooner than you have to? There are ways you can improve your cash flow by reducing the VAT you pay; here are a few of them. More...
Last updated: 20.03.2018

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