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Christmas gift sales: how to deal with differing VAT rates

Your business had a bumper festive season. However, the sales contained a mix of zero and standard-rated items. Should you have apportioned the VAT or is there another way to deal with the issue? More...


Do you need to make an adjustment for unpaid creditors?

Your business has some unpaid purchase invoices in the 90-day+ column of its aged creditors report. Input tax has been claimed on these invoices. Why does this lead to a problem and how could you avoid it in the future? More...


Missing invoices on VAT return was a “deliberate” error.


What value do you account for VAT on?

Businesses often take goods in part exchange, offer discounts or offset one supply against another. How do you ensure that you account for VAT on the correct value in these circumstances? More...


Correcting errors on your VAT return

If you make a mistake on your VAT return what procedure do you have to follow to correct it? And why is it so important to play it by the book - what could be the implications for your business? More...


How VAT errors affect other taxes

If your business makes an error in its VAT accounting, did you know that this can have a knock-on effect on other taxes, meaning that they have to be adjusted as well? When could this arise? More...
Last updated: 27.03.2020

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