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VAT errors were both deliberate and careless


Business with no records was merely “careless”


Financial loss due to employee fraud is a reasonable excuse for default.


HMRC was correct to raise “deliberate not concealed” penalty for VAT errors.


Appealing to tribunal

If you can’t resolve a dispute with HMRC, you have the right to appeal to an independent tribunal. What’s the procedure and what are the time limits to pay any assessment in advance of the appeal? More...


New way to resolve disputes

If you have a disagreement with the VATman over an assessment or a ruling, there’s a new way of resolving it without going through the appeals and reconsiderations process. What’s involved? More...


The best way to appeal

The VATman has issued you with an assessment which you (unsurprisingly) disagree with. What are your rights in such a situation and what’s the most effective appeal route? More...


How to challenge the VATman

If you receive an assessment or a decision that you don’t agree with, what are the pros and cons of asking for a reconsideration or appealing directly to the tribunal? And what are the risks? More...


Saving penalties

When you send in a late VAT return you could find yourself subject to one of the VATman’s famous penalties. What tactics, if any, can you employ to get the VATman ruled offside? More...


How does the new penalty system work?

A new penalty regime took effect in April 2009 covering all the taxes. As it’s now been in force for some time, how is the Taxman enforcing it and, in particular, what’s the position on VAT? More...
Last updated: 04.06.2020

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