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Registration pitfall for EU goods imports

Your secondary business is not VAT registered as it makes exempt supplies. You purchase your computers from Luxembourg as you save 3% on the VAT. How can this strategy cause issues and how can you partially address them? More...


HMRC confirms “no-deal” plans

The UK is less than six months from leaving the EU, and the future relationship is still unclear. What do HMRC’s newly published “no-deal” plans mean for your VAT accounting? More...


What can you claim when you import goods?

The government’s December 2017 deal with the EU means that the current rules on VAT and Duty on imports could continue for several years. What can you do to make sure you claim the right amounts back? More...


Temporary movement of goods

Businesses sometimes move their own goods to another EU member state on a temporary basis, for example to undertake some work there. If you do this does it mean you have to register for VAT in the other country? More...


Selling used cars to the EU

Selling second-hand cars to other EU member states can be complicated, as there are special rules that need to be followed. You’ve heard that the treatment for qualifying cars requires extra care. What do you need to know? More...
Last updated: 04.06.2020

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