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Can we deregister now?


Claiming VAT after deregistering

You are closing down one of your companies, and so are deregistering it. However, you still have outgoings on which VAT is charged, including the office rent. Can you reclaim this even though the company is no longer registered? More...


Tips and traps when de-registering for VAT

The VAT deregistration threshold increase means more businesses could be able to deregister. What should you look out for to ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises and you don’t pay any unnecessary VAT? More...


Claiming back VAT after deregistration

For a variety of reasons your business might choose to deregister for VAT. However, it can still incur costs after the deregistration process. Can it recover the VAT on these costs? More...


Deregistering as a property owner

If you want to deregister from VAT and you own a property there are a number of traps to look out for in order to dodge an unexpected bill. What are they and how do you avoid them? More...


Claim back the VAT post-deregistration

You’ve decided to deregister one of your businesses from VAT. However, it still has costs relating to the time it was registered. Is it possible to claim back that VAT after deregistration? More...


Beware the pitfalls of de-registration

If turnover is falling and you have the opportunity to de-register for VAT there are many advantages - but there are pitfalls to consider too. What are the principal ones to look out for? More...


Deregistered? Claim the VAT

For whatever reason, you decided to deregister one of your businesses for VAT. However, you still have costs with VAT on them coming in. Is it possible to claim it back? More...


Reducing turnover can increase profit

Is it possible to reduce your turnover, deregister from VAT and increase your profit? Surely this would be too good to be true and the VATman would have something to say about it? More...
Last updated: 21.03.2019

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