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Company allowed to claim input tax on solicitor’s invoices addressed to director.


Reclaiming VAT on workers’ expenses

Apart from paying salary to your workers, it’s likely you’ll make other financial transactions with them, such as providing benefits-in-kind (BiKs) and reimbursing business expenses. But where do you stand with the Taxman on these? More...


Travel and business costs - the truth

You’re about to venture off on your travels in an attempt to drum up some new business. You’ll be incurring a fair bit of expenditure along the way. But how much of it will the VATman allow you to recover? More...


Relocating staff - the VAT position

In the current economic climate it’s increasingly common to recruit key employees from other parts of the country. But what about reclaiming the VAT on their removal expenses? More...


Get more VAT back when “buying” a car

Your business leases its vehicles. For a variety of reasons you want to terminate the lease early and buy the cars from the leasing company. How much VAT can you recover? More...


A New Year gift from the VATman?

Christmas has just gone and you’re celebrating the start of 2011 by completing your VAT return. You gave your best clients a seasonal gift and are wondering whether you can claim the VAT back. Is it good news or bad? More...


Whose VAT bill is it anyway?

From time to time you may be faced with having to pay a bill for your company out of your own pocket. The invoice or receipt you’re given is likely to be in your name. Will your business be entitled to reclaim the VAT? More...


Reclaiming VAT on your home business

Suppose your business expects you to work more hours from home. It’s prepared to pay for an office conversion and all related costs. How much VAT can you or your company recover? More...
Last updated: 27.03.2020

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