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Avoiding liability when eligibility expires

The company you own has been a member of a VAT group for some time, but you are looking to sell some of your shares in it which will lead to a change of overall control. How could this cause hidden problems?

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What happens if you register late?

You’ve been reviewing the books of your second business, and to your surprise discover that you exceeded the compulsory registration threshold several months ago. What is likely to happen and how can you mitigate the impact? More...


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Edgbaston Golf Club Ltd v HMRC [2018] UKFTT 189 (TC). Claim deadlines.


How to treat off season holiday lettings

Your holiday letting business is currently enjoying a busy summer boom, but you have had a number of enquiries from guests about booking for longer term breaks in the off-season. Why could this lead to a trap? More...


Dealing with HMRC’s mark-up exercises

If your business routinely deals in cash, you could find yourself on the end of an enquiry based on HMRC’s industry benchmarking. Why might this arise, and how can you best prepare yourself? More...
Last updated: 17.08.2018

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