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Trading subsidiaries: can charity concessions apply?

If you run a charity, it is possible that you have a separate company to deal with non-charitable activities. How can you avoid an unexpected VAT liability on some sources of income and a potential input tax problem with expenses?

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Lost invoices: a solution to the VAT problem?

You have lost the last three months of your purchase invoices following a fire at your office. You are about to complete your quarterly VAT return. What options are available to ensure you don’t miss out on reclaiming input tax? More...


Is VAT due on insurance recharged to tenant?


What’s the VAT treatment of a salary sacrifice?

You offer your employees the option to reduce their salary in return for certain benefits, including for private usage of company vehicles. What is the correct VAT treatment, and do you need to add VAT to the private use charges? More...


Do you need to make an adjustment for unpaid creditors?

Your business has some unpaid purchase invoices in the 90-day+ column of its aged creditors report. Input tax has been claimed on these invoices. Why does this lead to a problem and how could you avoid it in the future? More...


Company had no business so could not claim input tax

Last updated: 17.01.2020

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