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HMRC was wrong to refuse backdated option to tax election.

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Get your record keeping right for MTD

All businesses compulsorily registered for VAT will have to comply with Making Tax Digital from April 2019. What are the key things to have in place to get your record keeping right? More...


Do you need to charge VAT to overseas customers?

You normally only provide your services to UK customers but you’ve had an unexpected opportunity to do some work for a customer based abroad. How do you decide whether to charge VAT? More...


How to avoid extra costs due to prepayments

If you receive advance payments from your customers, you could be affected by a change hidden in the 2018 Budget small print, taking effect from 1 March 2019. But what is it and what should you do to avoid a real cash cost? More...


How to fix an incorrect invoice without losing money

You are reviewing your records in anticipation of a VAT record check. You find a sales invoice from 2016 that was incorrectly zero-rated, meaning £15,000 has been underpaid. How can you correct this without a loss of profit to the business? More...


Can we deregister now?

Last updated: 15.01.2019

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