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Gift of property to spouse: the VAT consequences

You own a commercial property that you let to an unconnected business. This has an option to tax in place. You would like to transfer 50% of this to your spouse for income tax planning purposes. What VAT challenges does this create?

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Coronavirus cash flow tips to help your working capital

Your business submits all VAT returns and pays tax on time to ensure it doesn’t incur default surcharges. But is there scope to delay paying some output tax until the next quarter’s return by not raising sales invoices until your customers pay? More...


Zero-rating date brought forward

The publishing industry has received a boost as the start date for zero-rating electronic publications has been brought forward to 1 May 2020. Can this help your business? More...


Amendments to EU law: four quick fixes

EU law was changed earlier in 2020 to clarify certain issues for trading in goods between member states. What do these changes mean for your business and how long will they last? More...
Last updated: 07.07.2020

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