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Is two-year old building sale subject to VAT?

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How do you deal with VAT on gifts to customers?

Your business has enjoyed a successful trading year and you have decided to reward loyal customers and a local charity with a special gift. Can you claim input tax on the purchase of these goods or is the situation more complicated? More...


Can you reclaim VAT on costs linked to a new bank loan?

The ongoing coronavirus crisis has led to your business applying for a new bank loan. The bank requires you to pay certain costs, including a survey fee, as a condition of the loan. Is there any issue with reclaiming the VAT on these costs? More...


Export evidence not sufficient for zero-rating


Claiming input tax you’ve previously missed out on

You have discovered that your business has not claimed input tax on some past expenses because you did not have invoices available at the time. Is there any problem making a belated claim on your next VAT return? More...


Do you charge VAT if another business trades in your shop?

Your retail business owns a shop. Another business owner has asked if they can pay for some space to promote and sell their own products. What are the VAT issues to consider with this proposal? More...
Last updated: 03.06.2020

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