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Compensation for cancelled contract: is VAT due?

You have a contract with a supplier. You have agreed to terminate this early for a cancellation fee of £50,000. The supplier thinks VAT has to be added to this. Are they correct?

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Does the name on the invoice matter?


Is it a donation or sponsorship, or both?

HMRC has recently updated its guidance about when a payment to a charity could comprise two different elements, with different VAT outcomes for each part. What opportunities does this create for both charities and sponsors? More...


New trade - best registration date?

You have identified a new business opportunity that you want to keep separate from your main business. What should you consider regarding your VAT recovery if you don’t want to register straightaway? More...


Management charge was genuine so company was de minimis for partial exemption.


Will incorporating cause a VAT problem?

Last updated: 23.07.2019

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