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How to deal with an unexpected payment of a bad debt

One of our subscribers recently received a part payment from a bankrupt customer. The debt related to supplies made at different VAT rates, and had been written off in the accounts. How should he deal with VAT on the windfall?

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Do you charge VAT on a charity’s rental payments?

You purchased a commercial building for £350,000 and opted to tax it four years ago. A charity wants to become your tenant but says that it will not pay VAT on the rent. Can it do this and, if not, is there a solution? More...


Should you end your self-billing arrangement?

Your service business uses many VAT-registered subcontractors. You’ve been using self-billing for several years. What do you need to ensure you have in place to avoid a potentially costly problem? More...


Can you reclaim input tax on employee rewards?

You’re looking to increase business sales and want to start making individual and team rewards to incentivise employees. What’s the correct way to deal with VAT and are there any saving opportunities? More...


Registration pitfall for EU goods imports

Your secondary business is not VAT registered as it makes exempt supplies. You purchase your computers from Luxembourg as you save 3% on the VAT. How can this strategy cause issues and how can you partially address them? More...


Correcting an error on the first MTD return

One of our subscribers recently submitted their first return under Making Tax Digital. However, their software has automatically applied the cash basis, leading to errors. What do they need to do? More...
Last updated: 22.10.2019

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