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Buying and selling services in the EU after the transition

Although the UK left the EU in January, the same VAT rules as before will continue until the end of December 2020. Most of the VAT changes after this date will affect a business selling goods. But might you be impacted if you trade in some services?

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Reclaiming VAT on remote working allowance for staff

The coronavirus crisis has identified certain employees that can work from home in the long term. You have agreed to give them up to £1,000 to pay for equipment and other homeworking costs. Can you reclaim any input tax? More...


Rule changes for builders delayed again

The new reverse charge rules for the construction industry will now take effect on 1 March 2021 to help builders affected by the coronavirus crisis. What does the delay mean for your business? More...


Avoiding an interest charge for past errors

You have discovered that your business has made supplies of management services for the last five years to an associated company but didn’t charge VAT. How do you correct this problem, and can you avoid an interest charge on the underpaid VAT? More...


What counts as “premises” for VAT?


Gift of property to spouse: the VAT consequences

You own a commercial property that you let to an unconnected business. This has an option to tax in place. You would like to transfer 50% of this to your spouse for income tax planning purposes. What VAT challenges does this create? More...
Last updated: 07.08.2020

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