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Do anti-avoidance provisions apply to your VAT saving?

Your accountant recently advised you to form a VAT group in order to enjoy savings, and you duly did so. However, you have now read about HMRC using its anti-avoidance powers to counter tax savings with groups. Should you worry?

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Reclaiming VAT on business cars

If you purchase a car for your business, you can only reclaim the VAT if you meet tough conditions. For small businesses, the challenge can often be proving that these have been met. How can you ensure that you don’t miss out? More...


Did you make a supply or a recharge?

One of our subscribers paid for some emergency repair work to be carried out on their building. They want to invoice the landlord to recover the cost, but the landlord says they won’t pay the subscriber’s VAT. What is the correct treatment? More...


How do you treat sales to the Crown Dependencies?

The VAT treatment of sales to the UK, EU and non-EU customers differs, but many businesses get confused when it comes to the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. How can you be sure of getting it right? More...


Payments for employee subsistence did not relate to a taxable supply.


Don’t be a victim of fraud

Last updated: 16.11.2018

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