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Changing business model: a chance to deregister?

You are the treasurer of a local sports club, which is VAT registered. Annual taxable sales are £100,000 and VAT is a big overhead of the club. Why could changing the club’s business structure mean you could deregister and save money?

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Do you charge VAT on work for overseas business customers?

2020 marks the tenth anniversary of the rules surrounding the VAT treatment of international services. Usually, you won’t need to charge VAT to overseas business customers. However, what exceptions do you need to be aware of? More...


Avoiding a default when you can’t complete the return

Your VAT return deadline is looming, but you have suffered an IT failure. All data has been lost, and it will take several weeks to re-enter it. What should you do to avoid defaulting in the meantime? More...


Restaurant owner supressed sales


New rules for dealing with call-off stock

EU law was changed on 1 January 2020 in relation to call-off stock held in member states. What does this mean for your business given that we have left the bloc? More...


Is advance invoicing a problem?

Last updated: 25.02.2020

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