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Cut your costs on employee benefits

Changes to salary sacrifice in 2017 have potentially made staff benefits more expensive, making VAT recovery even more crucial. So what can you reclaim, and how can you make sure you don’t have to pay output tax?

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Mehaffey Ltd v HMRC TC/2015/04906. Deliberate inaccuracy.


When is input tax non-deductible?

Your business will incur input tax when it purchases goods and services. Being registered for VAT and making taxable supplies allows much of this to be reclaimed, but when are you prevented from recovery? More...


New disclosure regime starts

From 1 January 2018 you could be required to tell HMRC if you enter into arrangements which lead to a VAT saving. How can you get an indication of whether something you have done is disclosable? More...


HMRC v Metropolitan International Schools Limited [2017] UKUT 431 (TCC). VAT rates.


Lost or stolen goods during export

You have expanded your business to export goods and are thriving, but last month a sizeable number of goods were lost in transit. What are the VAT consequences, and are they the same if the goods had been stolen or destroyed? More...
Last updated: 23.03.2018

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