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Time running out to cleanse offshore mixed funds

One of your non-domiciled clients has been avoiding bringing money to the UK because they inadvertently created a mixed fund years ago. How could a time-limit opportunity help, and why might it be worth taking advantage even if making remittances is unlikely? More...


Help clients avoid being caught out by the deeming rules

The deemed domicile rules for inheritance tax were tightened from April 2017, making it easier for your clients to be caught in the death tax net. How has a common misinterpretation of the rule potentially caught clients out? More...


Advising non-domiciled clients in 2017/18

A new deemed domicile rule was introduced on 6 April 2017. What impact will this new rule have on non-domiciled UK resident clients and what action should they take to protect their status? More...


Bringing an end to permanent non-UK domicile status

The way in which individuals who are resident but not domiciled in the UK are taxed is set to undergo significant changes. What is happening, how will your clients be affected and what advice can you give them now? More...


Non-resident capital gains tax planning

Following the introduction of non-resident capital gains tax (NRCGT) in April 2015, how should you be advising your non-resident property investor clients going forward? What are the opportunities? More...


Advising the non-dom client

You have a UK resident, but non-dom, client with significant cash and other assets above the IHT nil rate band who wants advice on IHT mitigation and using the cash to pay her grandchildren’s school fees. What do you need to consider? More...


Non-doms and the remittance basis charge

The remittance basis charge is paid by UK resident non-doms to exclude their foreign income and capital gains from UK tax until they actually remit them to the UK. What issues do you need to consider when advising clients on this? More...
Last updated: 11.10.2019

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