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Tax-efficient termination payments - what’s new?

One of your clients is looking to encourage a director to resign, and feels this can be achieved with a tax-efficient termination package. Following changes in 2018, how are termination payments now taxed and what pitfalls should be avoided? More...


Alignment delayed for a year

Changes to the treatment of termination payments, which will generally make redundancies more expensive, are due to take effect from April 2018. How might a recent announcement help your employer clients? More...


Tax on termination payments set to change

HMRC has published draft new rules regarding the tax and NI treatment of termination payments, which will take effect from 6 April 2018. How will the new rules affect your employer clients? More...


HMRC 0-1Tottenham Hotspur FC

A football club has won a tribunal case regarding termination payments and the partial £30,000 exemption. What are the key points for you to take away from the decision? More...


Employment termination payments - the tax position

Clients often have to release staff from employment. To soften the blow, they might choose to make a termination payment. But will the employee have to pay tax on such a payment? More...
Last updated: 25.05.2020

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