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Selling up in a tax-efficient way

One of your clients owns a successful company together with her husband. They are looking at realising the value in a few years and want to sell to a competitor, but are concerned about capital gains tax. What options do they have to reduce or delay any hit? More...


Could your clients benefit from CASC exemptions?

The tax benefits of registering as a charity are relatively well known. However, there are also exemptions for community amateur sports clubs that can often go under the radar. How can you check to see if your client qualifies, and how could it benefit them? More...


Tax-efficient investments for companies

Individual taxpayers have many options offering income tax reductions in exchange for investing in enterprise. Are there similar choices for corporate taxpayers and, if so, what form do the investments need to take? More...


An exemption for your charity clients?

Last updated: 26.05.2020

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