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Changes to SME R&D tax relief ahead

The 2018 Budget announced some proposed changes to the repayment of R&D tax credits for small and medium-sized businesses. How will these proposals affect what your clients can claim? More...


R&D relief for SMEs that have received grant funding

One of your clients has asked you to help them claim research and development expenditure. On examining the records you discover that the client has received “notified” state aid funding in respect of some of its projects. Will they miss out? More...


Tax relief increases from 1 January 2018

In December 2017 the government announced that it was increasing corporation tax incentives for large companies to undertake research and development from 1 January 2018. What has it done, and why is it potentially important for your SME clients too? More...


Don’t miss out on research and development relief

Research and development tax reliefs are valuable but significantly under claimed due to fear of the process. Many accountants refer their clients to external specialists, but is this necessary, and if not how can you and your client make the claim yourselves? More...


Optimising directors’ remuneration and R&D

It’s generally more tax efficient for a director shareholder to extract the majority of profit from a company as dividends rather than salary. But what if the company is undertaking R&D? Is this still the optimum remuneration strategy? More...
Last updated: 29.05.2020

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