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Eleventh hour delay to reverse charge

The new reverse charge for the construction industry has been delayed by twelve months, but it is crucial for clients to prepare. How could clients lose a valuable cash-flow advantage next year, and what advice can you give to help ease this? More...


VAT savings on building work

Your builder clients can sometimes charge VAT at 5% instead of 20%. What should you advise them to avoid problems with HMRC, and how could a careful engagement strategy leave both your client and their customer better off? More...


Recovering VAT on a DIY build

A client wants to build his own home. He’s asked whether he can reclaim any VAT on the costs. As building your own home is classed as a non-business activity your initial thought is that no VAT is recoverable. But is that really so? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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