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Practical VAT registration tips and advice

With the VAT registration threshold frozen until at least 2022, it is likely that more of your clients will be edging toward it over the coming years. What can you help them with and is it possible to avoid registration at all? What do you need to look out for if they choose to deregister later on? More...


Business splitting - threat or opportunity?

Many of your clients would like to avoid being VAT registered, particularly if they would be unable to reclaim much input tax. They might look to split the business, but what do they need to ensure they do if they choose to do this? More...


Registration thresholds increase for 2017/18


Issues to consider when completing year-end accounts

VAT can seem unimportant when completing year-end accounts for clients. But the work carried out by advisors can identify important VAT-saving tips and errors. So what should your approach include? More...


Reclaiming VAT before trading commences

Your clients will not usually think about VAT until their annual sales reach the VAT registration threshold. But can they register before any sales have even been made, and if so, is it worth it? More...


Avoiding the need to register when the threshold is exceeded

Businesses are required to register and account for VAT where their non-exempt turnover exceeds statutory limits. Are there any exceptions to this rule and if so, how and when can your clients take advantage? More...


Do clients need to register for VAT abroad?

When do clients involved in selling goods to foreign consumers over the Internet or by mail order need to register for VAT abroad? If the VAT rate is lower in the customer’s country can it be beneficial to register early? More...


Recovering VAT incurred before registration

A 2015 VAT case considered the rules regarding recovering VAT incurred before the effective date of registration. What can clients do to maximise the amount of pre-registration VAT they are entitled to claim, and are there any traps to consider? More...


When to register clients for VAT - the latest

Clients often ask at what point they need to register for VAT. While it may seem like a simple question, several 2013/14 cases highlight that the answer isn’t always straightforward. What factors must you consider when advising clients? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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