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Place of supply rules: don’t get caught out by exceptions

In most cases clients supplying services to overseas customers don’t need to charge UK VAT. However, there are exceptions to this. When do these apply, and will things change after the transitional period ends on 31 December 2020? More...


Three party deals: who is the agent and who is the principal?

Where there are three parties to a deal it is important to establish who is the agent and who is the principal, as the VAT treatment is different in each case. What checks can you make to ensure your clients don’t get things wrong? More...


Fixed asset sale: is VAT due?

You might think that your clients must always account for output tax when they sell an asset owned by their business. But this is not always the case. When can assets be sold without VAT being charged in full and how can you help your clients get it right? More...


Save VAT on professional services

Most professional services are standard-rated supplies, and can therefore cause problems if your clients are unable to reclaim VAT and need some specialist work done. How might you help to save them the VAT cost and avoid problems with HMRC? More...


When do you need to apportion output tax?

When your clients sell goods or services, there are occasions when VAT is not payable on the full selling price. Are there any concrete rules on how to do this, and how could your approach save your client money? More...


Managing tax points to create cash-flow benefits

The exact time that VAT becomes payable to HMRC in relation to a supply depends on when the tax point is. How could your clients change their invoicing habits to delay this and improve cash flow? More...


Expense or disbursement?

Many clients do not understand the difference between a recharge of expenses and a disbursement when they raise sales invoices to customers. Why is it important to rectify this, and how can your clients avoid inadvertently making mistakes? More...


The business or non-business dilemma

VAT is only payable on income that is earned while carrying on a business. So why does HMRC sometimes seek to reclassify non-business income as relevant to a business or vice versa, and how can you help your clients avoid a problem? More...


Guidance on new bag charge


Recover four years’ VAT for your sports club clients?

If you have golf and other sports clubs amongst your clients, it could be that they’ve been paying too much VAT. What’s the Court of Justice of the European Union had to say about this and what should you be doing now on behalf of your clients? More...
Last updated: 26.05.2020

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