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A handy alternative to share option plans

Your client wants to retain and incentivise a key member of staff. You have discussed the enterprise management incentive, but the company’s trade is excluded under the legislation. What alternative can offer the same benefits? More...


Setting up and administering an all-employee share plan

Your client is a medium-sized company with excellent growth prospects, but the directors have concerns about the current level of staff turnover and motivation. How might using a particular tax-advantaged share scheme help this? More...


How to deal with underwater share options

One of your clients operates an option scheme for its key employees. However, there is some discontent as the share price is currently below the exercise price. What can you suggest that could help? More...


Protecting against a potential tax charge

A client has implemented a share scheme to give free shares to key employees. They have read about an election that might protect against paying too much tax in the future - what can you advise? More...


Which option is best for your client?

One of your audit clients has experienced a sustained period of growth and has now approached you for advice on bringing in key employees as shareholders. Why might the company share option plan (CSOP) be a good idea? More...


Form 42 changes for 2014/15

The deadline for submitting Form 42 for the 2014/15 tax year is 6 July 2015. For the first time this must be done online. How can you do this? More...


Valuing employee shareholder shares

A client is interested in offering key members of staff the chance to become employee shareholders as an incentive for them to work hard. But is this likely to be beneficial to the client and how should the shares be valued? More...
Last updated: 04.08.2020

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