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HMRC fails in contribution challenge


Tax efficiency and pensions: where are we now?

The tax treatment of pension contributions has been the subject of constant tinkering by successive governments since 2004. Given the plethora of recent changes, what advice should you give your clients on tax-efficient pension saving? More...


Get your clients to benefit from changes to pensions

The generous changes to pensions announced in Budget 2014 mean that pension contributions are back as an attractive means of tax mitigation. How can you advise your clients to take advantage? More...


£1,500 free for clients over 60?

Any clients aged between 60 and 74 could receive up to £1,500 free from the government due to an extraordinary loophole in the new pension laws announced in Budget 2014. How can they take advantage? More...
Last updated: 10.07.2020

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