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Managing the pensions annual allowance taper

Clients who are classed as higher earners may find that they can make fewer tax-relievable pension contributions due to rules that taper their annual allowance. What can you advise them to help cushion any potential blow? More...


Advice allowance starts in April 2017

A new allowance that permits your clients to access pensions advice in a tax-efficient way will commence in April 2017. How can they take advantage? More...


How does the annual allowance restriction work?

Many of your clients choose to make pension contributions. However, exactly how much tax relief these attract is subject to an annual allowance. How does this allowance affect your clients with higher incomes? More...


How to avoid the money purchase annual allowance trap

One of the quietest announcements in the Autumn Statement 2016 was that from April 2017 the money purchase annual allowance would be reducing to £4,000. What is the allowance and how can your clients avoid inadvertently triggering it? More...


Maximising your clients’ entitlement to the new state pension

The way entitlement to and payment of the state pension is worked out changed from 6 April 2016, leaving many confused - and some feeling short-changed. Which of your clients might be affected, and what can you advise to help maximise their entitlement? More...
Last updated: 04.08.2020

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