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Make clients aware of the taper relief trap

Some of your clients may have a reasonable knowledge of the inheritance tax rules regarding lifetime gifts, but with tax things are never as simple as they seem. Why might their understanding of taper relief be wrong, and how can you rescue the situation? More...


IHT and the family home: planning opportunities?

For many people, the main concern in respect of inheritance tax is the family home - mainly due to several decades of above inflation growth in house prices. HMRC is particularly wary of planning involving the main home though. What opportunities are there to mitigate tax, and what do your clients need to be wary of? More...


Protecting your clients’ winnings from an unexpected bill

At least some of your clients are likely to club together to play a lottery - known formally as a “syndicate”. Winning could however lead to a nasty tax bill - how can you ensure this doesn’t happen? More...
Last updated: 10.07.2020

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