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What’s a “political party” for IHT?

Certain donations to political bodies, whether made during a lifetime or via a will, are exempt from IHT. A case from November 2018 serves as a reminder of which organisations qualify. So what is the key learning point? More...


Avoiding a gift with reservation of benefit

If your client gives away a chattel but continues to enjoy the use of it, the gift with reservation rules may prevent the transfer from being effective for inheritance tax purposes. Can you advise on how this may be avoided? More...


Planning for care home fees

Care home costs are increasingly expensive. Local authorities can investigate your clients’ inheritance tax planning, and potentially use old assets as a measure of wealth when assessing ability to pay. How do you advise your clients to ensure they prevail? More...


How does a discounted gift trust work?

Many clients are interested in inheritance tax (IHT) planning, but can’t afford to give away income-producing assets which they need to fund their lifestyle. Is there a way to give these away while retaining the income in a tax-efficient way? More...


How to beat the gift with reservation of benefit rules

A client would like to gift the family home to their children to try to avoid IHT. The only problem is that the client still wants to use it which will render the gift ineffective for IHT. Is there any way around the rules? More...
Last updated: 10.07.2020

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