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What can you do if the enquiry is going nowhere?

An enquiry into your client’s tax return will usually end with a closure notice, but on occasion they can seem to drag on endlessly without progress. If this happens to one of your clients what can you do to help? More...


COP9 - what you really need to know

The government’s continuing crackdown on evasion and fraud has seen an increase in enquiries under COP9. The procedure is entirely different to other (non-fraud) enquiries. What can you advise your clients if they are issued with one? More...


Win, lose or draw?

After a lengthy hearing, the First-tier Tribunal has delivered its decision in the Ingenious partnerships’ appeal against HMRC. Can your affected clients finally look forward to some certainty over their tax affairs? More...


HMRC renews focus on using cash to hide profits

It’s estimated that £60 billion in notes and coins is in circulation in the UK. But HMRC reckons much of it is hidden. With its attention shifting to cash-based transactions, should your clients be worried? More...


Could HMRC classify you as a high volume agent?

If you process a number of repayment claims on behalf of clients such as CIS subcontractors, then you may find yourself targeted by HMRC as a “high volume agent”. What do you need to be aware of? More...


HMRC benchmarking project widens

The HMRC benchmarking team is targeting more trade sectors and extending it to VAT returns. The problem is that HMRC may be contacting your clients directly about this so how can you make sure you stay in the loop? More...


Benchmarking - HMRC’s latest tactic

In an effort to reduce errors being made by businesses in their accounts, HMRC has begun publishing net profit ratio benchmark ranges it expects trades to fall within. Do you know how your clients compare? More...


How to deal with HMRC’s new strong arm tactics

On 1 July 2014 HMRC changed the way it investigates tax fraud. So if a client receives one of the new COP9 letters, are you well prepared to advise them on how to respond to it? More...


No duty to give specialist advice

Following the revelations of Gary Barlow’s tax affairs, tax avoidance schemes are once again under scrutiny. What are your legal obligations when it comes to advising clients of such schemes and how can you protect your position? More...
Last updated: 03.07.2020

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