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Losses on Carillion shares?


Tax relief for payments made as a guarantor

You are probably familiar with claiming relief for losses on share investments, but some clients may have acted as a guarantor for finance instead, as an alternative way of supporting a business. Is there any relief for payments made under the agreement? More...


Restriction of elections on transferring stock or fixed assets

Your business client owns a capital asset worth less than its original cost, and the business has appropriated it to trading stock. They were told that the capital loss arising could be converted into a more flexible trading loss. What advice would you give? More...


How to utilise a shortfall effectively

When a client sells their business, they might be partly paid by way of a performance related earn-out which has to be valued and taxed upfront. However, the amount eventually received might be less than the amount taxed. What can you do? More...


Claiming relief when a loan becomes irrecoverable

When your clients invest in shares in a trading company which become worthless, they can usually claim share loss relief against income. What happens if instead of buying shares they lent the money instead? More...
Last updated: 01.06.2020

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