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Make the most of losses when a company ceases trading

Your clients are trying to make the best of a bad situation with the ongoing coronavirus crisis, but now the decision has been taken to close down one of their already loss-making companies. How can you help maximise their tax relief? More...


How soon can a deduction be made?

One of our subscriber’s clients has incurred costs in training their employees for a new business venture. Our subscriber is positive that these are tax deductible, but HMRC is disputing it following the company tax return submission. What is the correct answer? More...


Maximising corporation tax relief for bad debts

Your client’s company accounts show a number of small bad debts. Individually these don’t merit chasing and the client is looking to write them off. Do they need to do anything particular before HMRC will allow relief and is there an optimum time to claim? More...


Securing loss relief for a joint venture

Your client has an idea for a new product, but it’s outside their company’s normal area of expertise. They are bringing in outside help by way of a joint venture but are still concerned about the risk. What can you advise them about loss relief for these projects? More...


Can training costs be deducted from profits?

One of your company clients wants to offer training courses for its employees. The client will pay for the courses directly as and when they are booked. Will these costs be deductible in the accounts, and are there any traps or opportunities to watch out for? More...


Dealing with losses after 1 April 2017

Two changes to how company losses can be used have been in force since 1 April 2017. You will need to know about both to advise effectively - so what are they, and how will they affect your clients? More...


Company tax losses

Are your company clients making the most of the loss reliefs available - not only for trading losses but also property business losses, loan relationship deficits, intangible fixed asset debits and capital losses? How can these different losses best be utilised? More...
Last updated: 10.07.2020

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