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Can HMRC demand security from clients?

One of your clients has been struggling with cash flow and has had issues paying their PAYE liabilities on time. Reeling from the effects of the coronavirus outbreak, HMRC is now demanding a security payment. What does this mean for your client? More...


HMRC to become a preferential creditor


Deadline closing in fast

Clients with a requirement to correct in relation to offshore avoidance are running out of time to do so. When is the deadline, and what do you need to do? More...


Landmark case restricts HMRC’s reach

HMRC has wide-ranging powers that can require your clients to provide it with information about their tax arrangements. But what about non-resident clients? Can HMRC get to them too? More...


Are agents liable to penalties because of their clients?

Despite your regular prompting and requests for information, one of your clients has not provided any information whatsoever relating to their return. You are considering submitting a blank return to avoid a late filing penalty - is this advisable? More...


Using case law to help clients

Where your clients have made errors, HMRC will sometimes contend that they were deliberate. How might a recent tribunal case help you save them money? More...


How do you advise clients subject to recovery action?

How and when your clients pay their tax is out of your control - despite your warnings about penalties and interest some will still pay late for various reasons. However, the penalties are often just a starting point. How do you best advise clients facing recovery? More...
Last updated: 07.08.2020

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