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HMRC guidance on profit sharing is misleading

One of your clients has formed a mixed partnership to secure tax efficiency. However, HMRC is trying to cancel the tax advantage in accordance with its guidance. Why might you be able to fight back against this?

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Alphabet shares - ER problem solved?

Alphabet shares can be used to pay varying dividend rates to different shareholders. The updated test introduced in the 2018 Budget appeared to threaten entrepreneurs’ relief for these. What’s the latest? More...


Why the AIA increase could be bad news for your clients

An increase in a tax relief is usually good news for your clients. However, the 2018 Budget announcement that the annual investment allowance will temporarily increase could see them fall into a trap. What is it, and how can they avoid it? More...


How do you report profits from trading in cryptoassets?

In December 2018 HMRC published some much-anticipated guidance on the tax treatment of cryptoassets. What are the key points you need to understand, and how does the guidance lead to an unexpected trap for your clients? More...


Are clients making the most of mileage rates?

Your clients probably know that they can pay the HMRC approved mileage rates for employees. But how can they implement an eco-friendly policy whilst saving themselves and their employees money? More...


Converting and selling the business premises: get the VAT right

One of your clients is winding down and selling off their business assets. The director is considering purchasing and converting their office building into residential dwellings before selling these. What practical advice can you give? More...
Last updated: 20.02.2019

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