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When is an off-plan home acquired?

Knowing exactly when a property is acquired is vital in calculating a gain that is not fully covered by private residence relief. How does a 2017 tribunal case shed some light on the treatment of “off-plan” homes?

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Tax-efficient benefits for 2017/18 and beyond

In order to retain staff, your clients might ask your advice on what tax-efficient benefits they can provide. What kind of benefits will not hit their employees too heavily in the pocket? More...


Tax treatment and relief for goodwill

One of your clients, who started a successful sole trade in May 2002 is considering incorporation. He has asked for advice on the treatment of goodwill. As the tax treatment has changed several times, what do you advise? More...


Dealing with mixed supply challenges

Some of your clients might sell a bundle of goods or services to their customers in a single sale, where the different elements of the bundle attract varying rates of VAT. What is the correct way of accounting for VAT in these situations? More...


When is compensation taxable?

Compensation is a complex area - sometimes a receipt will be taxable as income and sometimes as capital. Are there any general rules for determining which treatment is correct, and is there a way of escaping tax altogether? More...


The tax consequences of divorce or separation

When a marriage breaks down, tax is unlikely to be high on the priority list - however, there can be unforeseen charges that arise if care is not taken. What can you advise clients contemplating separation in order to minimise the tax consequences? More...
Last updated: 15.12.2017

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