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When does the SEIS reinvestment cut-off end?

A subscriber’s client has made a SEIS investment, but they need to use the carry-back election to secure as much income tax relief as possible. Can they trigger gains this year to secure reinvestment relief as well?

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Save VAT on professional services

Most professional services are standard-rated supplies, and can therefore cause problems if your clients are unable to reclaim VAT and need some specialist work done. How might you help to save them the VAT cost and avoid problems with HMRC? More...


PRR and lettings relief - act now to preserve it

A number of recent cases have put private residence relief back in the spotlight. Additionally, the 2018 Budget contained some unwelcome news for potential sellers. What are the changes announced, and why is it worth reflecting on the relief for clients now? More...


R&D relief for SMEs that have received grant funding

One of your clients has asked you to help them claim research and development expenditure. On examining the records you discover that the client has received “notified” state aid funding in respect of some of its projects. Will they miss out? More...


Help clients avoid being caught out by the deeming rules

The deemed domicile rules for inheritance tax were tightened from April 2017, making it easier for your clients to be caught in the death tax net. How has a common misinterpretation of the rule potentially caught clients out? More...


Shorten accounting period to avoid s.455 charge

One of our subscribers has a client who has borrowed money from their company to help with a home move, but they are now struggling to repay it. Can they do anything to postpone the cutoff for the s.455 tax charge? More...
Last updated: 15.01.2019

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