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Landmark case restricts HMRC’s reach

HMRC has wide-ranging powers that can require your clients to provide it with information about their tax arrangements. But what about non-resident clients? Can HMRC get to them too?

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When is quick succession relief due?

Inheritance tax is becoming applicable to more estates, thanks to the freeze in the nil rate band. As it’s charged at a relatively high rate, can some relief be claimed where assets are inherited twice in a short space of time? More...


What if the assessment is too high?

If you have clients with student loans, you may find yourself having to deal with the collections via self-assessment. How can you help your clients to avoid the common problem of overpaying their loans? More...


The tax consequences of divorce or separation

When a marriage breaks down, tax is unlikely to be high on the priority list - however, there can be unforeseen charges that arise if care is not taken. What can you advise clients contemplating separation in order to minimise the tax consequences? More...


Rent-a-room relief

Since April 2016, your clients have been able to claim up to £7,500 of exempt rental income via rent-a-room relief where they let out a room in their home. Is the exemption lost if the income exceeds this figure? More...


Christmas gifts and VAT

The festive season means that your clients may be hosting parties for staff, and possibly clients. Gifts are often given to loyal customers and generous suppliers, but what is the VAT position, and are there any steps that can be taken to avoid a charge? More...
Last updated: 19.01.2018

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