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Deductions for clients with poor record keeping

Your client wants to claim a number of items as business expenses. However, they have not kept accurate records to allow an apportionment between business and private use. What can you do to minimise the loss of tax deductions?

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How to deal with offshore trust distributions

You have just taken on a new client who is a beneficiary of an offshore trust. They have received capital distributions from the trust but have not reported these to HMRC. Do they have a tax problem? More...


Avoiding problems with trivial benefits

The exemption for trivial benefits is very useful. However, HMRC has recently reminded employers to ensure what they are providing actually qualifies under the rules. How can your clients avoid problems? More...


Is the foreign capital loss election worth making?

You have just engaged a new client and are reviewing their paperwork. They are intending to use the remittance basis and are asking whether they can get relief in the UK for overseas losses. What can you advise? More...


An alternative to disapplying an option to tax

A client is selling land which they have opted to tax. The buyer, a housing association, intends to issue a certificate to disapply the option. Will this have consequences for your client and is there an alternative you can suggest? More...


Using the new agent forum effectively

The agent forum is now the main way for you to raise general, i.e. non-client specific, issues with HMRC. It’s just been revamped, so what do you need to know to use it effectively? More...
Last updated: 17.01.2020

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