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When land is subject to a compulsory purchase order

After numerous delays and public opposition, phase one of the HS2 project is underway, with further phases to follow in the coming years. How could this and similar projects leave your company clients with a tax bill, and what relief is available?

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Preparing yourself and your clients for the VAT launch date

Making Tax Digital will hit VAT-registered businesses first, starting with VAT periods beginning after 1 April 2019. How can you start preparing for this, and can you get used to the requirements before that date? More...


Investing in shares: personally or through a company?

Your client runs a family company. One of her associates is looking for investment and has offered her shares. She has agreed, but wants your advice as to whether it would be better to buy them personally or through her company. What advice do you give? More...


VAT savings on building work

Your builder clients can sometimes charge VAT at 5% instead of 20%. What should you advise them to avoid problems with HMRC, and how could a careful engagement strategy leave both your client and their customer better off? More...


How can you minimise the risks associated with a return?

Submitting a self-assessment tax return for a client carries risks. HMRC has a broad range of powers, such as opening enquiries and raising discovery assessments, and isn’t afraid to use them. How can you minimise the risk to your clients? More...


Make clients aware of the taper relief trap

Some of your clients may have a reasonable knowledge of the inheritance tax rules regarding lifetime gifts, but with tax things are never as simple as they seem. Why might their understanding of taper relief be wrong, and how can you rescue the situation? More...
Last updated: 17.08.2018

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