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Managing the pensions annual allowance taper

Clients who are classed as higher earners may find that they can make fewer tax-relievable pension contributions due to rules that taper their annual allowance. What can you advise them to help cushion any potential blow?

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Securing CGT relief on an unincorporated business sale

Entrepreneurs’ relief doesn’t just apply to sales of company shares, but the provisions concerning sole trades and partnership interests are less well known. Why are disposals of part of a business particularly tricky and how can you help clients secure relief? More...


Is it too late to claim allowances for older years?

You have just taken on a new client who says that his previous accountant has missed claiming the annual investment allowance previously. He’s asked you to prepare a claim for overpayment relief, but is this the right way to proceed? More...


Save VAT on professional services

Most professional services are standard-rated supplies, and can therefore cause problems if your clients are unable to reclaim VAT and need some specialist work done. How might you help to save them the VAT cost and avoid problems with HMRC? More...


Shorten accounting period to avoid s.455 charge

One of our subscribers has a client who has borrowed money from their company to help with a home move, but they are now struggling to repay it. Can they do anything to postpone the cutoff for the s.455 tax charge? More...


What can you do if the enquiry is going nowhere?

An enquiry into your client’s tax return will usually end with a closure notice, but on occasion they can seem to drag on endlessly without progress. If this happens to one of your clients what can you do to help? More...
Last updated: 14.12.2018

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