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Can HMRC use a client’s refund to offset other debts?

You have a client whose business is struggling with cash flow. However, they are owed a tax refund which will help greatly. Can HMRC put a spanner in the works and set the refund off against a liability on another account?

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Making Tax Digital: coping with the switchover

The pilot for Making Tax Digital for VAT (MTDfV) opened up to all clients that are compulsorily VAT registered in December 2018, but there have been some recurring problems in making the change. What are the key things clients should be aware of if they are signing up? More...


Pre-5 April 2019 tax-saving advice

Running through the same year-end advice repeatedly with clients can be mundane, but it is also essential that you do it. A number of tax reliefs depend on getting the timing right, so what do you need to be thinking about? More...


New guidance on company winding-up rules

HMRC has been forced to make changes to its approach to the anti-avoidance rule which can apply to shareholders who wind up their companies. What advice can you give to affected clients? More...


Keeping the cash from selling business assets

One of your clients is looking to sell assets used in their family company to secure the accumulated value. What traps do you need to look out for and how can the tax payment on any gain be delayed? More...


The VAT implications of charities renting or buying property

You act for a charity that is not VAT registered. The charity is seeking to relocate to another building but has discovered that the property owner has opted to tax it. What challenges does this present the charity if it either rents or buys the building? More...
Last updated: 24.04.2019

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