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Minimising the CGT paid by your overseas clients

One of your long-term clients has left the UK to retire, but has UK residential and commercial property that is let out. She is looking to sell some of these - how can you help ensure she does this as tax efficiently as possible?

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Optimum tax efficiency in 2018/19

From 6 April 2018 the dividend allowance will drop to just £2,000, coinciding with the annual shifts in the personal allowance and basic rate band. How will this affect your owner-manager clients for 2018/19? More...


Is a transfer between group companies really tax free?

One of your company clients wants to separate its valuable assets (especially the trading premises) from the trade by transferring them to a holding company to protect them from potential claims. Are there any hidden tax consequences you need to look out for? More...


A tax-free company vehicle?

If your clients are looking at tax-efficient benefits for 2018/19, it could be worth discussing the tax savings offered by using a company van instead of a car. What advice could you give them so that they might even get this tax free? More...


Selling up in a tax-efficient way

One of your clients owns a successful company together with her husband. They are looking at realising the value in a few years and want to sell to a competitor, but are concerned about capital gains tax. What options do they have to reduce or delay any hit? More...


Teething problems with dynamic coding

HMRC’s new dynamic coding has been in place since July 2017, but a problem has been identified which has changed its operation slightly. What’s HMRC had to say and what do you need to look out for with your clients? More...
Last updated: 24.05.2018

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