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Using the updated CEST tool to determine worker status

Medium and large private sector clients who engage workers providing their services through an intermediary will, from April 2020, need to determine the worker’s status. What should you be advising your clients to do to minimise risk?

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Splitting ownership: is it better to gift or sell the shares?

One of your clients has recently married. He is looking to pass some shares to his new spouse to enable them to save income tax. He was planning to gift them now that the transfer would be exempt from CGT, but is there a hidden opportunity here? More...


PRR - what’s the period of ownership?

The Court of Appeal has issued a binding decision on when the period of ownership of a main residence begins for capital gains tax relief purposes. What is the key point, and what action do you need to take for your clients? More...


Inheritance tax planning with holding companies

One of your clients owns a trading company which is about to make an investment into a joint venture. They have asked for your advice as to whether this could jeopardise business property relief. Is there an issue and, if so, what could you suggest? More...


Major changes to loan charge announced

The controversial loan charge was due to be paid by 31 January 2020, but a last-minute review has led to a number of changes. What are the crucial points your clients need to know about? More...


Getting your client two reliefs on the same investment

You have a wealthy client who is non-UK domiciled. They want to make a qualifying enterprise investment scheme (EIS) investment into a young company in 2020/21. What can you advise them to do to access a lesser-known relief as well? More...
Last updated: 25.02.2020

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