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Warning to umbrella company users

HMRC’s latest published spotlight focuses on avoidance schemes marketed through umbrella companies. Do any of your clients need to be worried?

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Deadline closing in fast

Clients with a requirement to correct in relation to offshore avoidance are running out of time to do so. When is the deadline, and what do you need to do? More...


VAT in the food and catering industries

A client runs a caf é which also sells takeaway food and baked goods. The turnover is approaching the VAT registration threshold. How can you help prepare them for the complexities of the VAT regime for food, and how can they avoid a trap? More...


COP9 - what you really need to know

The government’s continuing crackdown on evasion and fraud has seen an increase in enquiries under COP9. The procedure is entirely different to other (non-fraud) enquiries. What can you advise your clients if they are issued with one? More...


Setting up and administering an all-employee share plan

Your client is a medium-sized company with excellent growth prospects, but the directors have concerns about the current level of staff turnover and motivation. How might using a particular tax-advantaged share scheme help this? More...


Securing loss relief for a joint venture

Your client has an idea for a new product, but it’s outside their company’s normal area of expertise. They are bringing in outside help by way of a joint venture but are still concerned about the risk. What can you advise them about loss relief for these projects? More...
Last updated: 21.09.2018

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