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Recovering VAT on sponsorship and entertaining costs

Input tax claims on sponsorship and entertaining costs are more likely to be closely checked by HMRC than for many other expenses. What issues should your clients consider, particularly for sponsorships, before making a claim on a VAT return?

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Tax planning for owner managers before 5 April 2020

As there’s little over a month of 2019/20 left it’s essential to review owner-manager clients’ tax planning strategies now to allow for maximum efficiency for the year. What should you be advising? More...


Is the “HMRC” email real or spam?

A number of scams involve fraudulent emails purporting to be from HMRC, usually in an effort to trick your clients into providing bank details. Why does a recent tribunal case show that it’s not safe to simply ignore everything? More...


Using the updated CEST tool to determine worker status

Medium and large private sector clients who engage workers providing their services through an intermediary will, from April 2020, need to determine the worker’s status. What should you be advising your clients to do to minimise risk? More...


How soon can a deduction be made?

One of our subscriber’s clients has incurred costs in training their employees for a new business venture. Our subscriber is positive that these are tax deductible, but HMRC is disputing it following the company tax return submission. What is the correct answer? More...


Can you reclaim VAT on staff expenses and benefits?

Your clients might provide rewards and perks to their staff (and sometimes their family members too), often as an incentive to encourage hard work and improved performance. Can they reclaim the input tax on these costs, and how can they maximise their claim? More...
Last updated: 31.03.2020

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