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Salary sacrifice still safe for directors

From April 2017 some types of salary sacrifice scheme for employees will cease to be tax efficient. But can directors escape the new rules? More...


Tackling practical problems with payrolling benefits

Since April 2016 employers have been allowed to tax benefits in kind through their payrolls. This avoids having to report them on Form P11D and ensures the correct tax is paid. But can this work for benefits with changing values? More...


Sell your property and save up to 44% of your tax bill

When the Chancellor announced a cut in capital gains tax rates he excluded residential landlords and anyone who owns more than one home. How can you qualify for new lower rates by using a legitimate tax break? More...


HMRC updates its capital v revenue expenses toolkit

Whether an expense is capital or revenue determines how soon it qualifies for a tax deduction, and possibly if it qualifies at all. What does HMRC’s updated toolkit say about tax relief for the cost of repairing a newly acquired asset? More...


Can you escape CIS late registration penalties?

If your business is within the scope of the construction industry scheme (CIS), you have to register with HMRC. Fines can be sky high if you don’t. However, it’s not always clear if the CIS applies. If you don’t register on time can you escape a fine? More...


Are you overpaying tax for the use of a company asset?

Your company has bought a boat for you and your fellow directors to sail on the nearby reservoir. There’ll be a tax charge of course, but how much will it be and is there a way to reduce it? More...


Is VAT payable when you sell your home office?

You plan to extend your house to accommodate an office for your business. A colleague has told you that this means VAT will have to be accounted for when you sell the property. Is he correct? More...


Advisory fuel rates - only diesel rates change


Don’t miss the PSA deadline

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