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Brexit - will it affect your tax bill?

Before the vote the Chancellor indicated there could be massive tax rises if we chose to leave the EU. Was this just campaign talk or should you brace yourself for some substantial changes to the tax system? More...


An interesting case of poor record keeping

The First-tier Tribunal had to rule on whether HMRC had the right to impose its estimates for tax deductible expenses in place of those claimed by the taxpayer. The decision turned on the quality of record keeping. What was the outcome? More...


Residential buy-to-lets and VAT

It’s no secret that the buy-to-let market has recently been targeted with increased and additional taxes. However, some landlords might be overlooking a tax-saving opportunity. What’s involved? More...


Take control of your tax code

HMRC can spring surprise changes to your tax code in an attempt to collect more tax sooner. However, you’re not always obliged to accept the figures even if HMRC has got its sums right. When can you override a tax code? More...


Can you turn falling share prices into financial gains?

If shares take a tumble, the hope is that if you sit tight values will recover. But there can be a tax advantage in selling and repurchasing shares in this situation. How does it work? More...


Buying a home with company money

You want to move to a bigger home but the mortgage borrowing limits are proving a problem. Your company could instead buy it or provide cash, but what are the tax consequences? More...


How much AIA can you claim?

You’ve just spent £2,900 on a high-end PC for your home office on a buy-now-pay-later contract. Your family will make some use of it and your company will pay a contribution to the cost. What tax allowances can you claim and when? More...


HMRC’s updated list for approved expenses


Don’t miss the Class 1A NI deadline

Last updated: 07.08.2020

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