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Salary sacrifice is not an option

While salary sacrifice is a valuable tax planning tool, since April 2016 it can’t be used in some situations. HMRC has warned employers that doing so puts them at risk of penalties. What’s the full story? More...


Investors have a new tax-saving opportunity

A new capital gains tax break is designed to encourage investment in small companies. It fills the gap between enterprise investment schemes and entrepreneurs’ relief (ER). How and when can you take advantage of it? More...


“No lose” potentially exempt transfers

You can reduce the inheritance tax (IHT) on your estate by making gifts. The trouble is if you die within seven years you might land the person you made the gift to with an unexpected IHT bill. What steps can be taken to counter this? More...


Maximising the nil rate tax bands

For 2016/17 using your basic personal tax-free allowance, starting tax rate and the new zero rate bands for savings income and dividends allows you to engineer up to £22,000 tax free. How is it done? More...


HMRC moves the goal posts for intermediaries’ travel

If life for those working through an intermediary business wasn’t tricky enough already, HMRC now says draft legislation on the new travel and subsistence rules is wrong. What should you be doing to keep within the new rules? More...


Are website costs tax deductible?

You’ve decided to upgrade your website and are laying out thousands on development and running costs. Your bookkeeper says that some of these are capital and therefore might not qualify for a tax deduction. Can this be right? More...


Is your building project zero or standard-rated?

You’re quoting a customer for rebuilding a residential property and naturally want to be competitive. As they are a private customer VAT is a significant factor in the costing. So can you zero-rate the supply? More...


A big thank you from HMRC


HMRC updates its tax return toolkits

Last updated: 07.08.2020

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