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HMRC renews RTI penalty concession

In April 2016 two concessions which gave employers leeway if they submitted RTI reports late came to an end. However, HMRC has recently had a partial change of heart. What’s the full story? More...


Can you compensate an employee tax and NI free?

You’re permanently closing one of your branches and have offered the employees affected alternative jobs elsewhere. You plan to pay them compensation for the change in working arrangements. Should you deduct PAYE tax and NI? More...


Investing your employer pension contributions

Your company has accumulated sizeable profits and you and your fellow directors are looking for a tax-efficient way to take them. Someone has suggested buying a share of the company’s premises. Is it something worth considering? More...


New entrepreneurs’ relief rules - a goodwill gesture

You’re planning to transfer your business to a company. You know that in 2014 some of the tax advantages for this were blocked by anti-avoidance rules, but a colleague says these were reversed in the 2016 Budget. Is he correct? More...


Letting expenses - bring on the replacements

Since April 2016 residential landlords have been entitled to a new tax deduction when they buy domestic items for their properties. It has a wider effect than the wear and tear allowance it replaces, but will it make you better off? More...


Can you get a tax deduction for business clubs?

You and other local business owners want to form an association. The idea is to pool ideas and discuss issues that affect your businesses in a social environment, say, over a meal. But will the association’s costs be tax deductible? More...


VAT flat rate scheme - playing the percentages

HMRC has updated its guide to the flat rate scheme (FRS) and the special VAT rate that some types of business use, plus the steps it will take if you use the wrong rate. Are these changes likely to increase or lower your VAT bill? More...


Second home exemption extended


advisory fuel rates remain almost static

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