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Good news on CIS deductions

HMRC has revised its practice in relation to claims for refunds of construction industry scheme (CIS) deductions. What’s changed and how might this affect your company? More...


End of the road for car (and other) benefit schemes

Since 6 April 2016 certain types of benefit, mainly cars and vans, have been subject to new rules which mean that directors and employees can’t escape tax by paying their employer a fair price for the perk. What’s the full story? More...


Is your assistant (tax) efficient?

In your role as a director having a good assistant is invaluable. But if your company can’t or won’t pay them, can you? If you pay them direct, can you claim tax relief for the expense? More...


Escaping a late filing penalty

If you haven’t filed your self-assessment tax return for the year to 5 April 2015, greater penalties kicked in from 1 May 2016. These can soon add up to £900 or more. At this late stage are there any steps you can take to avoid them? More...


Buy-to-let, another twist on company ownership

You’re considering getting into the buy-to-let market. You’ve read that because of changes to the rules in April 2016 it is now more tax efficient to buy the property through a company. Is this correct? More...


Putting personal expenses through the company

You son, who’s at university, wants you to pay for his driving lessons. It will cost around £1,000 to get him through his test. Would putting it through your company be a cheaper and more tax-efficient option than paying for it personally? More...


Is crowdfunding taxable?

You’ve started a small business and want to raise some money through crowdfunding. A possible snag is that according to one of your colleagues, money received this way is taxable as income, is he correct? More...


Fines for employment intermediaries


Auto-enrolment contributions

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