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Tax credit deadline - renew online

HMRC is urging anyone who needs to renew their tax credits claim for 2016/17 to use its digital services instead of the post or phone. Is it something you should consider? More...


HMRC’s new guidance on business travel

Business travel expenses which you pay or reimburse to your employees are now exempt from tax and NI, as long as HMRC’s conditions are met. What are these and how can you be sure of meeting them? More...


Using special stock values to reduce the tax

If you transfer your sole trader or partnership business to a company of which you’ll be a director shareholder, you might have to pay tax on the value of unsold stock. How can you avoid this happening and save tax in the process? More...


Are there tax advantages to plug-in cars?

You’re considering going green with your next company car to take advantage of the government’s grant for plug-in vehicles. But how will it affect your and your company’s tax position? More...


Are you missing out on NI loss relief?

If you make a loss from your unincorporated business you can use it to reduce the tax on your employment income. It can also reduce your NI contributions, but the rules for this are tricky. What should you be looking out for? More...


IHT and trusts for your children’s education

Paying for the welfare and education of your children is expensive. However, until you spend the money it stays part of your estate for IHT purposes. Is there a more IHT-efficient alternative to provide funding? More...


Can you reclaim VAT on a work of art for your office?

You’ve just bought a work of art for the reception area of your offices. It was quite pricey and included a charge for VAT. As the item doesn’t play a direct role in your business are you entitled to reclaim the VAT? More...


Have you got your pension phasing right?


Forms P11D - cut down on form filling

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